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Researchers Reveal Genetic Link to Divorce Risk

Children whose parents are divorced run an increased risk of divorce themselves compared to children whose parents remained married, and genetic factors are primarily to blame, new research has found.

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Parents Prepared to Pay a School Catchment Premium

New research by Santander Mortgages has revealed that families are prepared to spend an extra 12% for their chosen school catchment address, which amounts to an additional £26,800 on top of the average UK property price.

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Making a Relationship Better

Most relationships go through their share of difficult times, but some couples seem to weather these times better than others.

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Property Second Steppers can Face Challenges

Home owners looking to move up the property ladder face a number of different obstacles, and many believe it is harder to progress up the ladder than to get on it in the first place.

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Mortgage Lending Rises in June

Newly released data from trade body UK Finance has revealed a rise in mortgage lending during the month of June.
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