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First-Time Buyers Consider Joint Mortgages

New research from M&S Bank has found that buying with multiple friends or siblings is becoming an increasingly popular option for young, aspiring homeowners. Around 60% of those aged 18-35 said they would consider taking out a mortgage as a group to make home ownership a reality, compared to 26% of people aged over 36. 

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Court of Justice Gives Ruling on Rights of Access

The Court of Justice of the European Union has given its judgment in a case involving ‘rights of access’ to children

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Sharp Rise in the Average Price of Flats

There has been a significant rise in the average price of flats in the UK over the last five years, with average prices rising from £157,061 in 2013 to £232,135 in 2018. This is equivalent to £1,252 per month, research by Halifax has revealed. 

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Law Commissions Begin Review of Surrogacy Law

A joint review of British surrogacy law is now underway to ensure the legislation remains fit for purpose. 

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Couples Advised to Pay More Attention to ‘Emotional Clues’

Marriages have a greater chance of success when spouses are able to identify when their partner is feeling sad or down, new research has found. 

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