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Edinburgh has the happiest homeowners in the UK, according to survey

A study from Barclays Mortgages discovered that 93 per cent of parents who lived in Scotland’s capital were happy in their current property, the highest percentage across the entire UK.

58 per cent of parents in Edinburgh said they loved their home because the area they stayed in wasn’t too noisy and they had outdoor space, while 52 per cent said their children were able to have their own room. Edinburgh families were also the second most likely to be happy with their home due to a strong Wi-Fi connection (31 per cent), falling just short of Liverpudlian families at 35 per cent.

Placing second with 87 per cent of families who were happy with their home was Cardiff, which was closely followed by Newcastle (86 per cent).

More than eight out of 10 homeowners in London (83 per cent) were satisfied with their current home but also the most likely in the UK to complain about lack of space.

While 83 per cent of British homeowners were found to be happy in their home, according to the report, nearly half (45 per cent) would still consider moving. The UK’s top love was children having their own room (49 per cent). Second place was outdoor space at 44 per cent, fond memories from the home (20 per cent), and living close to family (31 per cent). The biggest hate of homes across the UK, for both parents and children, was not having enough space or spare rooms for friends or families.

Children were also asked why they loved their home, and the most common answer, 66 per cent, was that they felt safe. 

Head of mortgages at Barclays, Hannah Bernard, explained:

“The findings of our research show that families in the top three cities for happy homeowners in the UK all share a love for spacious home, which is in keeping with the nation as a whole.”

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