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Money Worries are a Major Cause of Relationship Stress

New research into the factors that have the biggest impact on couples’ relationships in the UK has found that money worries are the biggest cause of stress and strain.

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Having an Affair is Unacceptable to Younger Generations

New research from the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has found that young people in Britain are more likely than older generations to describe a married person having an affair as “never acceptable”.

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Gender Differences in House Buying

Having a joint mortgage is a bigger commitment than marriage, according to 40% of British adults.

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Calls for Revolution in Retirement Housing

There could be a retirement housing gap of 160,000 houses by 2030 if more isn’t done to focus on last time buyers, according to new research by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK).

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Collaborative Child Maintenance Arrangements

The UK Government has published new figures that it says show thousands of children are benefiting from their separated parents working together on child maintenance arrangements.

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